Tillers of the Soil

  • Post published:01/02/2008
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I rarely make New Year’s Resolutions. I’m much more inclined to Visualize Change, than to will change, but I feel so much new energy in the air as we launch ourselves into 2008 that this year I did make at least one resolution. Inspired by Amy Stewart’s book, The Earth Moved, all about worms, I have resolved to begin worm composting. This will be an excellent way of eliminating a trudge through the snow to the compost pile, and still getting good compost during the winter.

I found out that my son-in-law’s father once thought he’d make a million with worm farms. Young Greg had to come home from school every day and make sure all the bins were sufficiently damp, and the worms sufficiently fed, but the scheme for wealth did not pan out. I never did hear what happened to all the excess worms.

A friend recently warned me of the dangers of not keeping the worms sufficiently fed. Worms all over the basement!

Forewarned is forearmed. So before I order my worms I am researching. The Worm Digest has an excellent and informative site.

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