Bloom Day November 2008

  • Post published:11/15/2008
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Do buds count? My abutilon, parlor maple is hardly ever without a coral flower or two, but not today.
And the Thanksgiving cactus knows it isn’t quite Thanksgiving.
The cyclamen is doing its best. One bloom for bloom day.

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  1. Frances

    Hi Pat, I think buds completely count as blooms, just think of them as blooms to be! I have never grown cyclamens, but they are really catching my eye this bloom day. Your red is a stunner.

  2. Sue

    I like your buds. I haven’t tried Christmas cactus for awhile, but yours looks quite healthy and about to be full of flowers. Is that an angelwing begonia in the second picture, off to the left? The wings look longer and narrower than the ones I have and have seen.

  3. Pat Leuchtman

    Frances, Thanks for the encouragement. I love cyclamen – in every color.
    Sue, The cactus is very healthy and will be quite spectacular. They like my cool rooms. And that is an angelwing begonia, not in bloom. I don’t manage it very well.

  4. Rose

    Pat, Thanks for visiting me. I saw your comment on Carol’s about having “puny” blooms; I labelled mine “pitiful”:) I do think buds count, and I really like your cyclamen. I’ve never been able to keep those alive; what’s your secret?

  5. Sue

    I like the shape of those leaves, though.

  6. Mr. McGregor's Daughter

    Buds definitely count! I admire the skill of all you gardeners who can get plants not only to bloom indoors, but get them to do it so lushly.

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