Bloom Day – November 15, 2015

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Pink Chrysanthemums
Pink Chrysanthemums on November Bloom Day

On this Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day in Greenfield, Mass, still boasting only a Zone 5 rating, my very late blooming pink chrysanthemums are still blooming. We have had frost, and some rain and wind, but these dependable beauties are still going. They are the only thing blooming outside.We are still not having freezing night temperatures as a regular thing, though it does get down below 40 degrees.

Prostrate rosemary in bloom
Prostrate rosemary in bloom

This prostrate rosemary was taken out of a pot and put into Greenfield soil this summer, and has seemed to tolerate the move into another pot for the winter. So far she has been able to live on the enclosed side porch. I admit you have to look pretty close to see those few tiny blue blooms.

Thanksgiving cactus
Red Thanksgiving cactus

This Thanksgiving cactus never seems to do much. Probably needs repotting. However she always blooms on schedule.

Thanksgiving cactus in a pale shade
Thanksgiving cactus in a pale shade

In  the guest room window a pretty pale pink Thanksgiving cactus is just starting to come into bloom. I bought her last Thanksgiving and she is doing pretty well. You can at least one of my holdover amaryllis will actually bloom again. This might be the first time I have managed a second year’s bloom. Although I never tried very hard before.

And so ends Bloom Day. I am barely getting in under the wire.

Thank you Carol  for  hosting Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day on May Dreams Gardens which allows us to see all the blooms across the the nation by clicking here.



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  1. Lea

    Love the cacti!
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

  2. Rose

    This is what my garden will look like, too, in the next couple of days–minus the chrysanthemum. The “S” word is even in the forecast:) Wow on the amaryllis! Mine don’t bloom every year, but then I always forget to fertilize them over the summer. We’ll see what happens this year. Happy Bloom Day in your new home!

  3. Jean

    I have a Thanksgiving cactus blooming that has a variety of colors, from deep coral to pale peach to lavender to white tinged with pink. Amazingly, even after weeks of freezing nighttime temperatures, I still have aster and phlox blooming outdoors (in new flower beds that are apparently more protected than I had realized!). It looks as though you and your plants are getting well settled in at your new home.

  4. Nan

    I have a cactus which I gave my mother on her last Christmas in 1972. You might think it would be dead or huge, but it is neither. It kind of stays the same size, always blossoming that beautiful color of yours. I have repotted it over the years and trimmed it some, and occasionally it has looked on its last legs, but always, so far, comes back.

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