Y is for Yes! and Z is for Zinnia

  • Post published:04/30/2016
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A is  for Yes! at Nasami Farm.  Yes, is what I wanted to say to almost every plant set out at the  special opening of Nasami  Farm yesterday.

Nasami Farm
Nasami Farm

I am not the only one saying yes as members of the New England Wildflower Society got a special invitation to tour the Nasami Greenhouses and get a headstart on our shopping.

Nasami Farm
Shoppers at Nasami Farm

Nasami Farm will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from now until October. There is a wonderful selection of native perennials, ferns, shrubs and trees. I bought another elderberry, as well as a white aster, liatris, monarda fistulosa, and troillus laxa which doesn’t mind heavy wet soil.

Troillius laxa
Troillius laxus

And, although I have not really completed the A to Z Challenge properly I will end with Z is for Zinnia.


What is  there to say about Zinnias. Colorful, cheerful, welcoming to pollinators.  I even have a beautiful cousin (twice removed?) who will celebrate her first  birthday in July – a month for Zinnias.

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  1. Denise Hammond

    Thanks for all your posts this month. I might even look into planting some zinnia in a new open area of the yard. Since deer are supposed to not like them, they might just work. And if you hadn’t mentioned them, it would not even have occurred to me to consider them.

  2. Pat

    Denise – I love zinnias. A neighbor planted a fabulous zinnia border at the edge of her front lawn, next to the sidewalk. A joy to all who pass.

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