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  • Post published:11/03/2023
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Birds in the Winterberries

We have four  winterberry  bushes. One of the bushes is the papa and doesn’t get any berries. Two of the winterberry bushes have beautiful red berries. Both of  those bushes are kept busy with birds visiting the berries, and I have to say, all the berries were gone in one day. A lot of birds enjoyed themselves tremendously.

Golden Winterberries                                                                                                                                                                                         

The third golden winterberry bush was much taller, and had larger berries. The birds did not pay  attention to the gold berries – they were very happy eating the red winterberries.  But the next day more birds arrived to fill up on these golden winterberries – and the berries were  all gone in late  afternoon.

All of those winterberries and birds visited in back of  the house. But there are different berries in front of  the house. This shrub is prickly  –  I wonder if birds will like these berries.

Christmas Holly!

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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    It’s rewarding to feed the birds–through planting and assisting nature, especially. 🙂

  2. Pat

    Beth – I have been so happy with the birds in our garden. It was stunning to watch some of those birds eat both winterberries in one day!

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