The Garden View from the Window in Winter

  • Post published:01/19/2021
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The Lawn – before the Garden was born  2015

Every house deserves a spot where the residents can sit by a window that will give them a beautiful garden view in every season. Do I live in a house that provides me with a window and comfortable chair where I can admire my garden through the seasons?

No.  In fact there are only two windows that give a good garden view.

When we moved into our house five years ago, the first thing I required was a new kitchen. There were a variety of problems, but perhaps the worst was the lack of a window that would give a view of  the garden. Now in my new kitchen I chop vegetables, stir the soup, roll out dough, and make breakfast pancakes and everything else in front of a double set of windows that looks out on the garden.

I spend a lot of time standing in front of those windows. I admire the big yellow twig dogwood which attracts the birds. When we added a bird bath there were even more birds taking turns in the bath – occasionally getting very excited over whose turn was next. A lot goes on in our garden. Squirrels!

The book corner in the office

There is also a window in my so-called office. During these pandemic days the ‘office’ is even more disorganized than usual with too many books that I can no longer donate to book sales. I even have visiting books for my First Grade friends who I read to on most Friday mornings.  Chaos!

When we bought the house I thought of how wonderful to have this little room for book shelves, and a cozy chair by the window. It would be a sweet retreat. Even when the pandemic  is no longer with us, I know there will never be a cozy chair by that window.

What that window  does do, is allow me to keep a photographic record of the creation of the garden. (See Below)

Tell me. Do you have a cozy chair by the window where you can admire your garden? I’d love to hear about it.

The Garden is showing its curves in 2016 There are logs in the back for part of the Hugel
Another year and the garden is more lush.  2017 and you can see those curves, my strolling garden.
In 2020 the garden is so lush you can hardly see the stroll paths.

The view from the kitchen window is just as lovely. Hope you enjoyed the brief tour.

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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    Oh, lovely. And how wonderful to see the progress over time! I agree: It’s so important to have windows out into the garden, for so many reasons. My favorite windows are in our sunroom, on three sides. But the kitchen window is great, too. 🙂

  2. Pat

    Beth – How wonderful to have three sides of windows! A sunroom! I do love watching the progression of the garden, and the progression of the seasons. I may have to do a little thinning because some of the shrubs are getting so big.

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