Warm Memories

  • Post published:02/11/2011
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Buffa10 Bloggers Meetup

With the snow so deep, the temperatures so low, and the winds so brisk I had to take a day to revisit summer in Buffalo and some of the beautiful gardens we toured.  I have a similar arrangement of lilies and beebalm in my garden.  It will be such a joy to see those shoots in the spring.

Rainsplashed daylilies Buffa10

These daylilies enjoyed a deep drink one night in Buffalo.  My Daylily Bank should look pretty good this year, and I am hoping that the 2011 growing season will be furnished with sufficient splashing  rain over all my garden.

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  1. Rose

    Thanks, Pat, for the perfect antidote to the winter blues I’ve been feeling! I’m taking note of that first photo for a new garden area this year–I might just add some bee balm to the lily bed now.

  2. Layanee

    Those pics give me hope.

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