View from the Window – Warm and Wet

  • Post published:01/12/2017
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View from the Window on January 12, 2017
View from the Window on January 12, 2017

The view from the window  is warm and wet.  The temperature is 50 degrees at 11 am, as it was yesterday. I am hoping we get back to more seasonable cold temperatures tomorrow. I am remember the loss of the local peach crops last year when there was an extended warm period in February before getting very cold again. The trees thought spring had sprung, the buds began to swell, but then  disaster.  Lets keep winter cold until it really is spring.

Yesterday I heard some weather prognostication on the radio that put forth the theory that because of weather disruption, our area may find that this kind of winter, with temperatures varying widely, will be the norm.

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  1. Lisa Greenbow

    I so agree. It is wet and warm here too. I went to see if there were any buds on the hellebores. They haven’t been fooled. I sat out on the patio awhile this morning, 64degrees, before the rain set in again. Crazy.

  2. Pat

    Lisa – Temperatures are going down again, but then the prediction is for more warm days. Totally crazy. What season are we in?

  3. Yes, similar concerns here. Our forecast calls for 50s next weekend, and I don’t recall that happening here (S. WI) before in January. We barely have any snow on the ground, and it’s certain to melt during the warm week ahead.

  4. Dee

    Here, it is cold and icy. Not bad icy, just the pretty kind. For that I am grateful.~~Dee

  5. Robin Ruff Leja

    I’m not sure where you’re located, but here in central Ohio, not many people even try to grow peaches here for that very reason. We invariably get a warm spell that tricks them into blooming too early, frost zaps them, and the crop is lost.

  6. Pat

    Robin – We are here in the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts and in our area there are lots of new small farms, raising vegetables, meat, eggs, berries, and other fruit including peaches. I have great sympathy for the farmers.

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