Better Than Ice

  • Post published:01/08/2009
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Yesterday ice fell out of the sky most of the day. Today it was supposed to be quite nice with just a snow flurry or two. The word flurry suggests light and brief. I don’t think this qualifies. I have been housebound (not unhappily) for days, but I do hope to make it out into the greater world tomorrow.

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  1. Darla

    I think the snow is beautiful, ice not sure about. Could not be trapped in the house for long though!!

  2. Dogbert

    Nice picture, no snow for me this season. I m sad, there ‘s no season 🙂

    Happy new year

  3. Mojo

    In this part of the country ice is de rigeur for winter precipitation, so I feel your pain. Fortunately we don’t get so much of it. But when we do it usually takes the form of sleet and/or freezing rain rather than snow. And no matter how well equipped you are for getting around in the snow, nobody’s equipped for ice.

    Makes for some nice photos though… if you can get out to get them.

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