V is for Viola on the A to Z Challenge

  • Post published:04/25/2013
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Violas on the Bridge of Flowers

V is for Viola, a large family of plants that includes the johnny jump up, pictured above. Viola is also my mother’s name. I never thought it was a very pretty name until I knew that johnny jump ups, violets and pansies were also Violas. Now I see the first violas in the garden centers and in my garden as a first sign of spring. I see the happy blue blossoms and I think about a mother of three sons  looking into the blue eyes of her first daughter, born as winter approaches, and seeing spring, seeing sunny days, and joy.  Now I think Viola is a name as beautiful as the flower.

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  1. Christy

    I just love Violas. Their little faces are so sweet and they do so much better here than Pansies. I plant them in the Fall and they last all through winter and spring!

  2. Denise Hammond

    My violets in the Spring are pretty, right up to the point that they encroach on all the other bedding plants.

  3. Pat

    Christy – I love violas, and they self seed all over my garden beds which makes me very happy.
    Denise – I do have one small clump of ‘sweet violets’ and what I call wild violets grow all over my ‘flowery mead’ of a lawn.

  4. Tinky

    Beautifully put. I can’t wait for my Johnny Jump Ups to come out!

    Are you exhausted yet? You’re going to need a long rest when you finally get to Z!!

  5. Jason

    In more wild areas, I like to let violas form a ground cover.

  6. I love my violas and let them grow as groundcovers. I also grow them from seed. I think they are the most beautiful flower. Your mother has a lovely name indeed.

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