Unappealing Incentive

  • Post published:12/07/2007
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In the December 5 issue of The Recorder reporter Richie Davis described a program the Commonwealth is considering for forest owners. Apparently Georgia and Michigan have ‘carbon sequestering’ programs which allow forest owners to sell the their carbon credits to businesses that are ‘under pressure to cut their greenhouse emissions’. Governor Patrick is considering a similar program. I acknowledge that farmland and other open space all over our country is under pressure by developers but I don’t understand the point of this kind of incentive. The farmers are often using their forest or woodlot and the incentive of a possible ‘couple of dollars an acre’ is so minuscule that I don’t see the appeal. Whatever others may do, I have to say I would never sell the carbon credits earned by my 25-30 acres of woodland because I think everyone should be under pressure to cut our greenhouse gas emissions. Just by totally turning off our computer and TV every night, and by using mostly fluorescent light bulbs we have cut our domestic electricity use substantially. And we are always looking for more ways to save. I’m open to other suggestions while I continue my researches into solar power.

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  1. Irene

    Dear CommonWeeder,

    No I don’t think you are too old to be a blogger. We certainly need opinions and wisdom of older the generations.
    Re: Unappealing Incentive: My opinion is that any way we can safely cut carbon emissions is a good thing. Light bulbs and turning off appliances is great, but it seams that we need EVERY means available to us to save our planet. IMP

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