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  • Post published:01/10/2008
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Over the years we have become more conscious of the waste in our American life, and have gradually made changes in the way we run our household. In the past year we replaced at least half the light bulbs in our house with CFL (compact fluorescent lights) which use a fraction of the electricity as incandescent bulbs, we used LED lights on our Christmas tree, and put our computer and TV on a power strip so that they could both be turned totally off when not in use. Our idea was to reduce our energy use, and save money. According to our electric bill our energy use is substantially reduced, but alas, we haven’t saved any money. Tell me how that works!

We garden organically and do not use any chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. I want the grandchildren to be able to eat an unwashed tomato, snap pea or green bean safely. I don’t want chemicals seeping into our well water.

Our lawn which is more accurately a ‘flowery mead’, full of dandelions, clover, hawkweed, and ground ivy, flourishes with only the addition of occasional liming and grass clippings. My Extension Service says that is all it needs.

We recycle paper, glass and cans. But I know we can still form better habits. So, inspired by the Just Change One Thing movement, we have resolved to cut down, if not eliminate, the number of plastic shopping bags we get at the supermarket. I have the canvas totes, and store them near the door after I am done unloading them. This is the hardest part for me, forming the habit to always have canvas bags with me in the car. I am working on it.

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