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  • Post published:04/11/2009
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I went into Green Fields Market yesterday, and there was Governor Deval Patrick glad-handing the lunch crowd, accepting thanks for the good work he is doing, and probably taking some criticism, too. Massachusetts, like the country, is suffering from the economic crisis. The State is cutting budgets in almost every area. People are not happy.

However, yesterday’s headlines in our local paper, The Recorder (for which I write a garden column) were heartening. At least when it comes to local farms and good eating.

Caroline Pam and husband Tim Wilcox announced that this year their farm The Kitchen Garden will have 7 acres under cultivation, including two hoophouses. This is up from 4 acres last year. They had been selling their beautiful produce (I often bought from them) at farmers markets as far away as Springfield, and to local restaurants. To these markets they added Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares. They see the demand for high quality local produce growing.

Another story is about Jessica Harwood who has started a business, Valley Green Feast, and makes home delivery of grass fed beef, pork, local dairy products, fair-trade coffee, eggs, bread and pie, goat cheese, yogurt, all manner of fruit and vegetables, and ice cream. A hundred mile diet in our area would not mean deprivation.

The Governor has his plate full in Boston, no doubt about it, but when he comes our way he can count on some really good eating.

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  1. Anonymous

    Actually, Karla (in Shelburne) is a Valley Green Feast subscriber or shopper, and Jessica Harwood (of Northampton) is the founder of the green food delivery service.

  2. Commonweeder

    Anonymous – Thank you very much for the correction. Jessica Harwood definitlely deserves proper credit for this great service. I am putting the proper name in the posting.

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