Two Lasagna Gardens

  • Post published:08/13/2010
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Kara's lasagna herb garden

My neighbor Kara read my directions for making a lasagna garden – followed them, and this is what she got. A beautiful lasagna herb garden.  She will not need to add another layer of cardboard and soil to maintain this next year.

Kara's other lasagna bed

On the other side of the grass path, wide enough for a lawn mower, Kara planted mostly annuals. After the harvest she may want to add another layer of cardboard, water it well, and add a new layer of good soil. It will be ready for planting.

My lasagna beds

I followed my directions and planted two lasagna beds. One is a small cutting garden with zinnias, ornamental amaranth (partly eaten by deer), cornflowers and scarlet bee balm.  The sweet peas did not climb the white trellis but sprawled on the ground.  The other bed is summer squash and one winter squash. Other seedlings were eaten by earwigs.

My question is, why do my gardens always look out of control?

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  1. Your gardens reflect your generous personality, that’s why. I’m thrilled to learn your neighbor took your advice and created her own garden. Great principles, the lasagna garden has.~~Dee

  2. Lisa at Greenbow

    Marvelous blooms. It makes me wish I had done this. Maybe next year.

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