Governor Patrick is a Gardener!

Deval Patrick at the Heath School

Governor Deval Patrick visited the Heath Elementary School today. He met the staff and students for a brief All School Meeting before he went to the gym to meet with various officials and townspeople. School Superintendent Buonicanti gave a short civics lesson and asked the students if they knew who Deval Patrick was. One boy instantly piped up, “He’s going to be elected next week!”  The Governor said he certainly hoped so.

A sixth grader wanted to know why Governor Patrick wanted to be elected in the first place. The governor replied that he wanted to be governor so he could work for the people, taking a long view. He didn’t want to just look for quick short term results.

Another boy wanted to know what the governor did for fun, and he said “Gardening.” The governor is a gardener! So I think he obviously knows about how you have to plan, and prepare the garden, and sow seeds, and battle weeds, and be really patient and hope that the sun will be warm, and that there will be enough rain, and that bugs and deer won’t ruin things. A gardener has to pay attention, listen to advice and do the best he can – just like a governor has to pay attention, hope there will be no disasters, listen to advice and then do the best he can. We gardeners know that if you take care of your soil properly every year, your garden will be better every year. I’m glad to know our governor is a gardener.

Soup for Governor Patrick

As a thank you for coming to visit, and out of concern that he might not have had a chance for a good lunch, a delegation brought him containers of soup, and some muffins made with squash from the school garden. The students are all gardeners, too.  I wonder who among them will grow up to be a governor.

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  1. Rose

    Now I wish I lived in Massachusetts! I’m still trying to decide who to vote for Governor here–neither of the choices is appealing to me. Perhaps I should check if either one of them is a gardener.

  2. Pat

    Rose – Governor Patrick has made a mistake or two, but I will be happy to vote for him. I’m taking the long view too.

  3. BJ Roche

    This guy must have come to Heath more than any other governor in Massachusetts history. Isn’t this, like the fifth time?

  4. Pat

    BJ – It is only his 2nd time, but that is more than any other Mass. governor. I heard on the news yesterday that he has come to Western Mass to talk to voters more than any other governor including Jane Swift who ‘maintained a house’ out here.

  5. Wow, A gardening governor. Wish we had that choice. Here in NY we have Cuomo and a bunch of nuts the entire conntry is laughing at.

  6. Pat

    Jim – We are lucky!

  7. Tinky Weisblat

    Thanks for the report. I was so sorry to miss this event and now I got a taste of it. Speaking of taste, do we know who made the muffs? I’d love to get the recipe!

  8. Gary

    Nice story, Pat! I’m glad he spoke to the kids (and that he’s a gardener too). After hearing his talk (to us adults) and that he’s a gardener, I think I’ll vote for him too (again)!

  9. Pat

    Gary – I’m all for people who are working for long term results!

  10. Carol

    Wonderful post Pat. I love your ending line! I met our Governor once and I am glad he is also a supporter of the arts. I love your analogy of gardening to governing. ;.)

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