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Small Change on a Summer Night

Small Change quartet

Small Change 

Our friends (L-R) Dick Bohme on the one-string bass, Dennis Avery on the dobros , Al Canali on guitar and Karen Hogness  on mandolin comprise Small Change.  One of the great benefits of living in Greenfield is the concert series held in the Energy Park on Miles Street  which  is only 5 minutes from our house. We found out about this concert series the morning that Small Change was to perform. Of course we were there. But we learned pretty quick after our arrival that it is wise to bring your own lawn chair.

Small Change with an admirer

Small Change with an admirer

These concerts are a great evening event, and particularly attractive to families. There were a number of young girls, fleet of foot,  who must have been training for a marathon, they ran from one end to the other. There were short breaks for somersaulting, including the four year old. But one young man was transfixed by Small Change’s music. Over the course of their set he drew closer and closer to the bandstand. Once in a while he’d try out a few dance steps, but more frequently his little arms were moving – we couldn’t tell if he was conducting, or trying to imitate the musicians’ strokes.  Either way, when the performance was over and his mother came to take him away he kept turning back to look at the musicians. He was reluctant to let the magic of the music go.


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