Tardy! Garden Bloggers Bloom Day July 2021

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Bloom Day Medley

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day is late for me this July, but we will begin anyway, in spite of all the rain. The plants mostly seemed to enjoy the rain – as you can tell from this array on the hell strip. There is golden achillea (yarrow), echinacea (coneflower), daylilies, and if you look very very closely you can see one of the bee balm blossoms. Many of these plants are in the main garden behind the house.

Physostogeia, or obedient plant is quiet, but tolerating the floods very well.
Buttonbush has thrived in this very wet month. I have been advised to prune in  the late summer, not the spring, to control.
Zinnias are so cheerful, I always have a few for a bouquet
“The Fairy” rose

Right now I don’t have much in  the way of roses, but some are starting to prepare for a second run. I can see the buds swelling.  What I do have is daylilies!  Each blossom may only last a day, but oh, how many buds are swelling and bloom. Here’s just a taste.

A Daylily gathering. Don’t ask me the name of any of these happy plants.
Gentle color and ruffles
Brilliant color – and ruffles here, too, The color wakes me up when I prepare breakfast and look out the kitchen window.

On this tardy Bloom Day I thank Carol over at May Dreams Gardens – https://caroljmichel.com/category/blog/

Carol has a whole new blog, beautiful, with lots of  information about  all the ways Carol is helping us.


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  1. jeanettemadden

    I love all of your flowers. Could you please tell me the name of the plant on the right in the first photo? The one with a daylily stem peeking out of it. Thanks.

  2. Pat

    Jeanette – If you are talking about the green foliage on the right it is pink Sheffies. Pink Sheffield chrysanthemums. They are very energetic plants. They don’t bloom until September, but they bloom for a long time. I love them – and I have often given them to many friends. As I say, they are not fussy, but energetic and long blooming in the fall.

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