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Poinsettias at LaSalle's Greenhouse

Yesterday was gray and cold, but a jolly Christmas was well on its way at LaSalle’s greenhouses in Whately. This is only a sample of the plants that are ready to adorn the altars of local churches.

I love the creamy color of the ‘white’ poinsettias.

I saw a couple of trays of tiny variegated poinsettias.

Potted Azalea

Of course, LaSalle sells many other plants: the white azalea, white hydrangeas, orchids, Norfolk pines,  amaryllis, and prostrate rosemary to begin the list. In January his famous freesias will begin to bloom.  I was there with my partner Lynda to talk to John LaSalle about the annuals that he will offer at the Bridge of Flowers plant sale in May.  We appreciate the support he gives the Bridge of Flowers! I’ll be talking more about the plants in the sale as we get closer to the date.

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  1. meemsnyc

    I like the white poinsettias too, they look so unique.

  2. Rose

    Seeing all these lovely poinsettias make me sad I didn’t buy any last week. It was so cold when I went Christmas shopping yesterday I was afraid to buy one, for fear they would freeze in the car before I got them home!

  3. Carolflowerhill

    I thought I recognized that greenhouse! The LaSalle family has wonderful plants and flowers (their own lilies right now) in their greenhouses! Their freesias are like no others!

  4. Pat

    Being in the LaSalle greenhouse made it clear that even a familiar flower acquires real stature when viewed en masse.

  5. Pat

    Carol – It is wonderful to know that we have a local supply of winter freesias. They last so long and are so fragrant.

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