A New Garden Room – Just in time

  • Post published:10/11/2016
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Garden Room
Garden Room

It was time to create a Garden Room. Yesterday I noticed that the Christmas cactus  out on the front porch had been slightly nipped by cold night time temperatures. It was time to clean out the side porch which spent the summer filled with construction materials and debris and turn it into a Garden Room. We closed the windows, and even though the temperatures never quite hit 70 degrees and substantial breezes kept our two river birches dancing, the room warmed right up. The jade tree, orchid cactus, several Christmas cacti and a begonia will be happy here for quite a while, but actually I think they will have to come inside the house eventually. Last winter we left the rosemary plant out in what was not quite a Garden Room and it sprang to life in March. Oh for the blessings of spring light and warmth after the winter.

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  1. judithharper

    I would like to send you a picture of my garden room in bloom but do not know how???

  2. Oh what a perfect room for your plants! Our sunroom is increasingly becoming my plant room. It’s so perfect for overwintering. 🙂

  3. Lisa at Greenbow

    Lucky you having this transitioning room. I was just thinking I need to prepare my plants for indoors. I don’t bring many inside.

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