Dinner Theater at the End of the Road

  • Post published:10/01/2014
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Sunset October 29
Sunset October 29

A different kind of Dinner Theater. At this time of the year we are sitting down at our dining table in front of  big windows that look out across the lawn, to the hills beyond, and into the sky for supper right at sunset. The show is brief and doesn’t take us  all the way to dessert, but it is spectacular.

A little later October 29
A little later October 29

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  1. carolina

    Wow!!!! with this view I bet your meal tasted delicious!!

  2. Pat

    Carolina – the show is dramatic at this time of the year, but the view across the lawn and hills always adds pleasure to every meal.

  3. Pat

    Layanee – Lots of sky. Lots of color. And amazing stars because there is no light pollution.

  4. Flaneur du Pays

    Pat, you’re absolutely right about the sky as theater. Probably beginning in the early Renaissance (and more likely millennia before that) artists have depicted the sky in its eternal, infinite forms. Despite a childhood of cloud-gazing (you know: lying in the grass and “seeing” things in the clouds’ shapes) I was skeptical when I begin to notice the way skies and clouds were depicted in Renaissance, Baroque and later painting. Surely, I thought, this is overwrought and an amalgam of every sky the artist ever saw. Not so. Artists could paint forever, with every tool at their disposal and never match the spectacular palette of skies one sees regularly. Sunrises, sunsets, approaching storms, looming fogs – the drama is never-ending. May every meal at your table be a pageant of sky! And it’s free – no reservations required.

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