January Thaw

  • Post published:01/27/2010
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Words are not necessary on Wordless Wednesday. In fact you can now be wordless every day. Check and see.

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  1. Mattenylou

    Our snow is all gone, we’ve been dealing with lots of mud all week. Looks like we’ll be getting a little whitening in the next few days, tho.

    Have you noticed the days are getting longer? Nice to see…

  2. Tinky

    Dear Ms. Pat:

    Great photos. I’m away, but as usual you give me a taste of home! Now on to news….

    You and your wonderful blog have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award, congratulations! Please come to my blog, http://www.ourgrandmotherskitchens.com, to accept this award.

    Here is what the Kreativ Blogger Award asks you to do. If you can’t do all of it, don’t worry; the award is still yours!

    1. Copy the creative blogger logo from my blog onto a post in your blog.

    2. Link to me in that post.

    3. Mention seven things about you and/or your blog that might be of interest.

    4. Mention (and link to) seven other blogs you like.

    I had fun doing this; I hope you do, too!


  3. Pat

    Mattenylou – The thin layer of mud is frozen today and I’m sure there is more snow in our future, but I have absolutly noticed the longer days. I am feeling more energetic by the extra minute.
    Tinky – Thank you – and I will do all, but the new post will probably go up Friday. You’ve given me a lot to think about. MANY THANKS.

  4. Lisa at Greenbow

    It looks like spring is playing peek-a-boo with you.

  5. Flaneur

    Oh, Pat! These are the quintessential January thaw images! How cruel!

    Every year I look at these same (well, similar) scenes and imagine that the patch of green or the exposed stone wall’s area will only grow and grow and that tomorrow will be even sunnier and warmer. The worst part – and your photographs hint at this – is that glorious feeling on your face when you feel the actual warmth of the sun coming directly to you from 93,000,000 miles. Dermatologists’ warnings be damned; it feels so good. And then a quick look at the calendar and you realize that you’ve fallen once again for the old January bait and switch. Your gonna get February, March and (for some) April weather and it’s not always a pretty sight. If only I can keep up with this eternally springing hope business …

  6. Pat

    Lisa – peek-a-boo is fun with a baby. Not so much with a gardener.
    Flaneur – I am going to try and foil the bait and switch by planting a New Front Garden in front of the house which is clearly one of the warmest and driest sites I have. Watch for more developments. Eventually.

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