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  • Post published:12/30/2014
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Rosemary plants indoors
Rosemary plants indoors

I have two rosemary plants that grow outdoors during the summer, and then come indoors for the winter. The plant on the left is a prostrate rosemary, bought in error when I was in a hurry. I grew it outdoors that first season adn then potted it in this handsome redware container. I did not put it in the ground again for no reason other than inertia. The plant still lives and I have been known to harvest a few sprigs from time to time. It has even produced lovely blue flowers, but it is not really a happy plant.

Even though it was looking sad this past summer, I still didn’t put it in t he ground, but I did buy a small regular rosemary plant at the garden center. I planted that and it thrived in my herb bed all summer. In the fall I potted it up, using regular potting soil, and brought it in the house. First, I brought both plants into the Great Room, a bright (south and west windows) room that is not heated, to help the plants make a transition to an indoor environment.

Later I brought the plants upstairs to a guest room, with south and east windows, which is also very cool. The thermostat is set for 55 degrees at night (I require  a cold bedroom) and stays cool during the day because I do most of my living downstairs – near the woodstove.  I can tell you the worm farm in that guest room are not all that happy, but the rosemaries do fine.

I have brought rosemary plants indoors over many years. Originally, thinking of rosemary as a mediterranean  plant thriving in dry contitions, I tended to underwater. I think it is a good idea to be aware of one’s tendencies. Underwatering kept the rosemary from making it through the winter. I now water rosemary much as I would any houseplant, not allowing it to dry out completely. I’ve learned that my cool indoor climate allows for a once or twice a week watering.

I think I can promise that my prostrate  rosemary will finally go in the ground in the spring. I cannot be so cruel to keep it in a pot for yet another summer. I doubt that it would survive.

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  1. patricia giebutowski

    ah, rosemary is such a wonderfully beautiful and aromatic herb. i have only one at present, trained as a standard and blooming (a 1st at this time of year, i think) in my solar greenhouse in the middle of new hampshire. i, too, learned that these plants like water and moist air, doing especially well near the coast.


  2. Jeane

    I lost most of my herbs last year- I have just a small balcony garden and last year I sheltered them in cold weather with crumpled newspapers and light blankets- they made it. Last year I forgot to cover them and they all died. I miss my rosemary- it made wonderful tea and bread!

  3. Pat

    patricia.- I haven’t ever been brave enough to try growing rosemary as a standard – but I might make that a 2015 project. I envy your solar greenhouse.
    Jeane – Rosemary doesn’t mind a winter indoors. So handy for the kitchen.

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