Bountiful Bouquet of Roadside Weeds

  • Post published:09/12/2014
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Bouquet of Roadside Weeds
Bouquet of Roadside Weeds

A bouquet of roadside weeds. My roadside. Quite lovely, don’t you think. Two kinds of aster, blackeyed susans, lots of goldenrod, tansy and a bit of a cheat – red highbush cranberry (Viburnam) berries and some rugosa rose hips. Mother Nature must love us a lot to give us these beauties in such abundance.

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  1. judithharper

    I’d rather not call the flowers weeds, to me they are part of natures beautiful apology for Winter coming.

  2. Pat

    Judith – How about ‘wildflowers?” The term weed is kind of squishy – any plant in the ‘wrong’ place. Another squishy term
    Lisa – Beauty everywhere one looks.

  3. Rose

    Beautiful arrangement! I’ve slowed down driving lately just to see all the beautiful wildflowers in bloom along the roadsides lately. Love Judith’s comment:)

  4. Margaret

    Gorgeous – that is quite the inspiration even for those that have no “garden”.

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