Weeds or Wildflowers?

  • Post published:06/13/2012
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Daisies, buttercups, hawkweed, lady's bedstraw

Weeds or wildflowers? What do you think?

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  1. In my view if they look beautiful, they’re flowers; if not, then they’re weeds. I really don’t know the difference though, ha ha.

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  2. Jason

    In a meadow, they’re wildflowers, not weeds. In my flower beds, they’re weeds unless I decide to keep them. I’ve had that happen to me at least twice, once with some wild strawberries and once with a tall violet with white flowers I couldn’t identify. Each carpeted the ground in different parts of my yard when we moved here. In both cases, I started to remove them, then thought better of it. Thus they were converted from weeds to flowering groundcover.

  3. Nan

    Could hawkweed be the ‘real’ name for what we’ve always called ‘Indian paintbrush?”
    All are flowers, flowers, flowers. I love them.

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