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Hemi-demi-semi Christmas Tree on Wordless Wednesday

Our newly cut Christmas Tree

We usually cut our Christmas tree from our own land. We are famous for having Charlie Brown trees. This tree strikes me as a hemi-demi-semi tree.

Our Christmas tree in profile

The only tree we could find was this section of a tree that had been damaged by the ice storm several years ago. It only has branches on one side.

I think this year, for the first time in over 30 years, we’ll be shopping for our Christmas tree.

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5 comments to Hemi-demi-semi Christmas Tree on Wordless Wednesday

  • Trees with multiple sides are vastly overrated, especially if the trees can go in a corner.

  • Pat

    Tinky – this hemi-demi- semi tree cannot begin to hold enough of my ornaments. Shopping is on the to-do list.

  • My daughter always wanted a Charlie Brown Christmas tree:) This reminds me of the years my husband would go cut a tree down from some acreage he farmed. The trees weren’t very shapely, but usually they were so big, we’d have to anchor them to the walls!

  • Love the tree, Pat. I too often cut Christmas trees from my property — but I mostly have white pines and hemlocks, both of which are a bit too wispy to make good Christmas trees. A couple of years ago, I cut two of these demi-tree white plnes and duct-taped them together. (Turned out not to be a very satisfactory solution!) Happy holidays.

  • Pat

    Rose – Anyone who enjoys Charlie Brown Christmas Trees should join us for Thristmas every year.
    Jean – We considered doing precicely that, but couldn’t get two trunks in our stand.

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