Wildflower or Weed – An Roadside Bouquet

  • Post published:09/10/2013
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Japanese knotweed

Definitely a weed! And invasive.

Japanese knotweed closeup

But very pretty.

Jewelweed closeup
Joe Pye Weed

Definitely a wildflower, in spite of the name.

White aster

I think it is a white aster. My ID skills are nil.

Purple aster

I think.

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  1. Denise Hammond

    A few years ago I had to stop my garden helper from pulling up my yarrow. He thought it was tansy. I have now decided that common Rudbeckia is a ‘weed’ in my yard. It spreads everywhere and I am constantly pulling it out.

  2. Pat

    Denise – I probably could have found a bit of roadside yarrow as well. It’s good you were able to educate your helper. We do want people to be able to pull up all the tansy they can. Worse than rudbeckia, but then any weed is just any plant in the wrong place.

  3. Jennifer

    If you haven’t joined us for Wordless Wednesday on The Jenny Evolution, today’s the day to get in on this fun linky! See you there.

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

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