Galinsoga parviflora – Weed of the Day

  • Post published:08/06/2012
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Galinsoga parviflora

Galinsoga  parviflora is a major player in my garden this year. If only it were desirable, and not a weed.  Like all the other vigorous weeds shown here in my garden this year it seems to love the drought.

Galinsoga parviflora

I tried to get a clearer photo of my Weed of the Day, but you can get many images by clicking here. The flowers are very tiny with a golden center and five tiny white ray petal surrounding it.

This is a summer annual, but it comes back in my garden every year, and according to my bible, Weeds of the Northeast by Uva, Neal and DiTomas0, “it is one of the most difficult to control weeds of the vegetable garden.”  Do you think I should be pleased that “it is usually found on fertile soils?”

Hairy galinsoga looks very similar except that it is – hairy – on its stems and leaves.  It is also called common quickweed or shaggy soldier. It likes ornamental plantings as well. I can attest to that. Do you have galinsoga in your garden?

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I think I have seen this rascal a time or two. I don’t have to fight it though.

  2. Jason

    Haven’t noticed it in my part of the Midwest.

  3. Rose

    I think I have this in my garden, too, or something similar. Isn’t it amazing how we must water and water to keep our gardens alive this summer, but the weeds always manage to find a way to survive.

  4. Barry

    It,s almost taking over our Organic market garden here in the NW England!

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