Boltonia Blooms As Fall Begins

  • Post published:09/21/2023
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The full name for this flower is Boltonia asteroides “Snowbank”.  It often begins to bloom late in August, but in my garden they did not bloom until September. It has been a very wet summer which did not please Boltonia.


These flowers were given ‘Snowbank” as a name which is lovely, but some have called them ‘false chamomile’ or ‘false asters.’ I’m glad that I planted them where I can see them from my kitchen window, and enjoy them all through  autumn.

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  1. Mary Schier

    Boltonia always bloomed in September in my garden — kind of a last hurrah. A beautiful plant.

  2. Pat

    Mary – So glad to hear from you – and to know your Boltonia blossoms are blooming beautifully.

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