Boltonia Blooming in Autumn

  • Post published:10/13/2022
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Boltonia and marigolds

Boltonia is a wonderful flower because it comes into bloom towards the end of summer and continues into the fall. Even now in mid-October after drought, and unexpected heavy rains, my Boltonia is in full bloom. The marigolds have a longer blossoming season, beginning in early summer and continuing. They also keep us bright and cheerful.

Boltonia asteroides ‘Snowbank’

Boltonia is sometimes called a False Aster, or a Thousand Flower Aster which is an accurate name – in its own way. They prefer lots of sun and can grow to 4 or 5 feet tall, but this year the weather has been so dry it is not as tall as usual. Even so it continues blooming and stays upright.

Boltonia is named in honor of James Bolton (1735-1799), a man who had a collection of 50 flowers drawn from nature. James Bolton drew the illustrations, and etched them himself.   He also had a great interest in fungusses. The result was his  first English-language work was devoted to fungi in a three-volume work in 1788–1790.

I love the Boltonia and enjoy its beauty well into the fall. In addition it is a native plant, tolerates water and does not mind my wet garden. Boltonia is also one of the ways I can enjoy blossoms in the fall.


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  1. maryschier

    I love Boltonia! It blooms in Minnesota in about mid-September and is usually covered with bees. A great plant!

  2. Beth@PlantPostings

    Lovely; especially surrounded by the Marigolds. Happy autumn!

  3. Pat

    Mary – So good to hear from you – and sharing the beauty of boltonia.

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