Bloomsday in July

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Ever since we pulled the curtain across the window and discouraged Frank the cat from sitting in the window box looking forlorn even though he has perfectly good access through the cat door, the windowbox has been looking pretty good. I always plant geraniums in the window box but I’ve never grown verbena there before and I really like it.

I do write most of my plant names down in my Record book, but that doesn’t mean I remember them off the top of my head. I bought this beautiful hydrangea (Moth something) at Nasami Farm three or four years ago and it is a strong grower. Some red bee balm (Colrain Red?) crept under it, snuggling up with the Henry sweetspire. Someday I’m going to have a whole garden of Henry plants (for my husband) and I welcome all suggestions.

Of course, June is the month for my hardy roses, but some like this one are continuing with vigor. I call this the Buckland Rose, named for the nearby town from whence it came, and where it grows in the gardens of all my friends. No one knows any better name

When we first moved to Heath I received a gift of a yellow daylily collection from White Flower Farm. They did have names attached to each plant, but they have been moved a couple of times and their proper names have long escaped memory.

This red daylily was a gift from a friend when she left her house and garden, but by then her memory was failing, and it is nameless as well.

There are a few other flowers in the garden, more bee balm, garlic chives, Achillea ‘The Pearl’, a pink yarrow, potted red geraniums, squash and tomato blossoms, and an annual salvia border around the rose Shed Bed, but from now on things will get very green until the zinnias, Asiatic lilies and dahlias come into bloom. right now they are just promising buds.

I am not responsible for all the flowers in the garden. Mother Nature is very generous with yarrow and Queen Anne’s Lace along our roadside (no it is not a Driveway), daisies and vetch in the field and mysterious yellow flowers here and there. I do not disdain them.

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  1. Kate

    I have a suggestion for your Henry garden. In CA I had a beautiful tall yellow rose and it was called the Henry Fonda rose.


  2. Pat Leuchtman

    I will look for that Henry Fonda rose!

  3. Carol

    Great idea on the rose! I like your flowers down by the road, too. Yes, if it looks good, why not let it flower?

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day!
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

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