Inaugural Poppies

  • Post published:01/15/2009
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This posting just in from my friend Peter in Connecticut.

Hello, Pat!
This morning I was greeted by the arrival (or blooming) of my Inaugural poppies! Once every four years they bloom, although these haven’t bloomed since January 1997 – they refused to bloom in 2001 or 2005 when George W. Bush took the oath of office. They’re possibly, according to some nomenclatural set of rules, in the same class as Christmas or Epiphany cacti as far as blooming according to some predetermined calendar date. Since these poppies haven’t been seen for quite a while, I’d spent my time working on the hybridization of the Impeachment rose, hope to get at least two varieties, one for Cheney, one for Bush, but I’ve put that effort aside. Instead I’ll concentrate on developing the Michelle orchid – and I hope it’s a sophisticated, beautiful and well-balanced and harmonious blossom. Maybe with a maternal cast, a refreshing scent and real staying power.
Oh, I love to garden in winter!

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  1. Daphne

    That’s so funny. But I would think a red poppy would bloom quite well for Bush. I did see some really pretty blue poppies in one of the seed catalogs though. They might be better to plant.

  2. Pat Leuchtman

    What we need is some of those purple poppies! I’m hoping for less bitter partisanship.

  3. Helen @ Gardening With Confidence

    Beautiful poppies, esp against the snow!

  4. Pat Leuchtman

    Helen, A sense of humor is essential in the garden.

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