Winterkill – Despair or Hope

  • Post published:05/21/2014
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Old white lilacs
Old white lilacs

Lilacs seem to know nothing of winterkill. This long harsh winter was as nothing to these ancient lilacs.


The same cannot be said for the wisteria. Winterkill in its most serious form has hit here. There is always a little winterkill, but there should be some sign of life by this time in the spring. No such luck. This might very well be the end of the wisteria as the provider of shade on the piazza.

Thomas Affleck rose in distress
Thomas Affleck rose in distress

The Thomas Affleck rose in front of the house has suffered a major attack of winterkill. I am  going out today to give it a good pruning. I am not in despair over the amount of winterkill among the roses. The rugosas are less susceptible than any of the other roses, but those that do endure winterkill often surprise me with how quickly and lushly they recover. My pruners are sharpened and ready for a major attack on dead or broken branches. Then we will see what June brings.

On this (almost) Wordless Wednesday I can think of nothing more to say on the topic.

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  1. thesalemgarden

    I’ll bet your having a good time pruning that rose bush! I have a few that I still have to get to in the next few days. When is your rose viewing this year? I’m really hoping to get out there for it.

  2. Pat

    Salem garden – I did prune the Thomas Affleck in the photo and 2 of The Fairy, but I am starting to get worried about some of the others. I am visualizing lots of bloom! The Rose Viewing is the Last Sunday in June. Hope you can make it. The cookies are always good.

  3. thesalemgarden

    I hope I can make it! I’ll bet the roses are pretty good too!! 😉

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