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We’re Not Giving Up the Fight Yet

Achillea ‘Paprika’

We haven’t given up the fight yet. We still have blooms.  Achillea ‘Paprika’ is actually a little more orange/red that the photo would have you believe.

Gaillardia “Arizona Sun’

Sedum ‘Neon’

Either poorly named, or mislabeled.

Japanese anemones

Mum “Starlet’

‘The Fairy’ floribunda rose

‘Thomas Affleck’

Gazania and rosemary in bloom on the Welcoming Platform

Petunias, lobelia, Euphorbia ‘Jack Frost’

These stand in for all the pots still blooming, Million Bells, hydrangea, fuschia.

‘Grandpa Ott’ morning glories

Even if the skies are often grey, the morning glories never fail to remind us that there is glory every day.

Our view south

No. Cold weather hasn’t got us yet!

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5 comments to We’re Not Giving Up the Fight Yet

  • All stunning photos, but for me, and I really love the plant, the Windflower (Japanese anemones) are stunning… I have them in my garden at home!

    However, the Morning Glory is very much a weed here, and is even becoming resistant to Glyphosate to control it!!

    Mines up as well at AussiePomm – Such a Drag…!!!!

    Have a great day!!

  • We still have a few blooms as well, mostly the roses and Japanese anemones, some asters and goldenrods.

  • That last photo is stunning, Pat! You certainly still have so much in bloom. A hard freeze Sunday night finally zapped all my annuals, but many of the perennials are still soldiering on.

  • Pat

    Aussiepomm – The morning glories are a lesson about the dangers of ‘exotics’, different in different places.
    Jason – Colder and colder – and windier. Almost no foliage and fewer and fewer blooms as the days go by.
    Rose – We expect our hard freeze tonight.

  • Pretty fall blooms! We need to keep enjoying them as long as we can!

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