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  • Post published:07/24/2011
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Mount Ranier

We were crossing water on the floating bridge when suddenly a gasp of excitement ran through our bus – The Mountain was out!  We caught views of  The Mountain at the end of the day as well when we were walking through the Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Garden. I’m told The Mountain is only out seven days a year, but I hope that is at least a slight local hyperbole.  When I visited here eleven years ago my  cousin Karen told me there are always more traffic accidents on Seattle’s highways when The Mountain is out. I can believe it. It is hard to take your eyes away.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    The mountain is riveting.

  2. Ramble on Rose

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to see more from the events!

  3. Pat

    Lisa – We were not anywhere to be able to see the mountain today – and tomorrow we are promised rain.
    Rose – More photos coming up. Lots of roses today. And I am off to find some more.

  4. Great shot of Mt. Ranier! I’m looking forward to more posts…I’m enjoying as many as I can find!

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