University of Massachusetts Famous Garden Calendar – 2021

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University of Massachusetts Garden Calendar 2021

The Annual Garden Calendar means you don’t need to have been a University of Massachusetts student to benefit on their studies which is shared generously with all of us.

UMass Garden Calendar with General Information

This is just the beginning of information about vegetables and flowers – and weeds.

Information about planting. pruning and dealing with bugs.

The gardening year is very long – happily for us who love working in the garden – and strolling through our garden to admire our  work, and  the work of Mother Nature.

The Garden Calendar makes a great gift and there is time to get your own Garden Calendar but it may not come before Christmas. Believe me, it is worth the wait.  I love the beautiful images, room for my own notes AND its easy to write on the paper

For many years, UMass Extension has worked with the citizens of Massachusetts to help them make sound choices about growing, planting and maintaining plants in their landscapes, including vegetables, backyard fruits, and ornamental plants. Our 2021 calendar continues UMass Extension’s tradition of providing gardeners with useful information. This year’s calendar offers tips on getting started with a vegetable garden with an emphasis on the basics, raised beds, and growing in containers.

Go to to see images from this year’s calendar and to order online, for a printable order form to order by mail, and the chart for bulk discounts, or call (413) 545-0895 (info only, we can’t take orders over the phone).

May – blueberry flowers and honey bees!

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