Hydrangeas of Many Shades and Colors

  • Post published:08/03/2023
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Fire Light pink hydrangea

My hydrangeas are finally gaining some color. This Fire Light – soon to be  pink – is having visits by the honey bees.

Limelight  Hydrangea

This Limelight Hydrangea has taken a lot of time before the blossoms began to bloom. It will become even more lovely. It grows to about 6-8 feet.

Angel’s Blush

Angel’s Blush is blushing right now, but it will soon have a lot more color.  This is the time when the  hydrangeas begin to gain color.  Angel’s Blush can reach 8 to 12 feet tall, and 6 t0 1o feet wide.

Just one of the reasons I love hydrangeas is because they take a good amount of space.  I don’t have to row up a lot of small flower beds – although I confess I do have some of  those too.  I guess I just cannot have live  without many kinds of lovely flowers in my garden.

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  1. Con Trowbridge

    It’s fun to see the variety and changes!

  2. Pat

    Con – I’m glad you enjoyed those varieties. It is fun to make them. Or, perhaps fairer to say those fascinating plants.

  3. Beth@PlantPostings

    Those are beauties, for sure. I have a few Hydrangeas, too, and I love them all. 🙂

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