Two Flowers – One With Surprise

  • Post published:05/10/2024
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Icelandic Poppy

Every morning I take a stroll through the garden. I am always ready to find new flowers. This is an Icelandic Poppy and some people do have these flowers with other colors.


These primroses have an unusual life. Their soil does not look attractive, and I cannot say I understand their life – but I enjoy the surprise.  Earlier this spring there was lots of rain, and that rain filled this area. The primroses come up through the water. I am used to this. I watch these green leaves slowly show up through the water – and then flowers rise as well.  This year the primroses gave me extra pleasure.  Very early this year a tree fell – part way. Woodcutters came and used their skill to take down the tree completely.  Now we have lots more sun – and more primroses.   It is an amazing world.

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  1. betsyr19

    This year my yard has lots more sun and the flowers are really blooming!

  2. Primroses and Poppies–how beautiful. Surprises that you love are wonderful, too. 🙂

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