HONEYBEES For Fun and Facts

  • Post published:05/20/2024
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Happy Crowds

Yesterday (Saturday) I arrived at the Second Congregational Church and saw all kinds of people, little children and much older people who were fascinated about honeybees, and the sweet honey treats at the annual Bee Fest.

Lorenzo Langstroth

I was among the church’s cookie Cooks who baked lots of cookies to celebrate Lorenzo Langstroth, the sixth minister of Second Congregational. It was Langstroth who patented bee hives with movable frames in 1852. People of the Franklin County Beekeeping Association  gave demonstrations and gave information about honeybees.

Learning About Bees

There is a lot to learn about bees, but the equipment is not very difficult. This large piece of equipment is for teaching, but other pieces are used for regular work with the bees.

Bees Above

It was easy to see the bees in  the metal box, but later yesterday I looked up in the sky and carefully saw other bees (tiny specks)  swarming.  What a surprise on this day!

Violet and Music

I know Violet who was only one of the other musicians – but I  don’t know all the other names. And I missed Violet’s earlier music with a saw!

The final bit of  information – This Bee Fest unveiled “Fearless” Greenfield’s 12th bee sculpture and it was put in place in front of the Greenfield Fire Department’s new station on Main Street.  You can go and see the Honeybees down there!


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