Trick! No Treat!

  • Post published:10/29/2011
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We had about four inches of snow yesterday and while no one was happy we all thought it would disappear pretty quick.  It did melt away in the lower elevations, but not here on our hill.  Then this afternoon it began to snow again –  thick and fast. By 4 in the afternoon we had about 6 new inches of snow, and I went out to check the application of “poor man’s fertilizer.”‘

Then after supper we sat watching the snow fall, blowing across the lawn. By now over eight inches has collected on the Welcoming Platform and the TV weatherman says we may get another foot of snow before dawn.



October 29 7 p.m.


October 30, 2011 8 a.m.

Sixteen inches of snow and 32 degrees! Not bad for the first snowfall of the year.

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    OMG! What a rude welcoming to winter. The first snow is always so exhilarating. This coming so early makes one wonder what this winter will be.

  2. Lisa at Greenbow

    P.S. Love the video. The birds will be thrilled with those rose hips especially with this weather.

  3. Pat

    Lisa – It has been a year of extreme weather here – and many other places. No real damage done in our town as far as I know, but that is not the story everywhere, alas.

  4. Layanee

    Oh, you have it much worse than I do but really, snow in October in New England, southern New England in my case, is just plain wrong. I hope the bending snaps back. Gotta love the rose hips. Nice, snowy video. Stay warm.

  5. Rebecca Sweet

    I can’t believe how much snow you received so early in the year! Holy cow!

  6. Carolflowerhill

    Pat, We just got our power back . . . out since Sat. night! I am not amused. We had about two feet here.

  7. Pat

    Carol – I can’t believe how much damage this storm did! I am glad you came through and that the power is back. My daughters in the east were told to hold on til at least Thursday. Pretty chilly not to have heat.

  8. Rose

    What a strange weather year you have had! I can’t believe all the snow you have this early in the year. I admire you for making the best of the situation, Pat–loved the video tour of your garden!

  9. Mary Schier

    Wow! That’s a lot of snow. Loved the video of the snow covered garden.

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