First Snowfall of the Year

  • Post published:11/14/2014
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First snowfall November 14, 2014
First snowfall November 14, 2014

This morning I woke to the first snowfall of the year. Just over an inch. Thirty degrees and breezy. A pretty preview of what is to come.

Yellow Birch at dawn
Yellow Birch at dawn

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    We had flurries yesterday. Winter is upon us.

  2. Jean

    Pat, We had our first snow last night, too. (My part of Maine was spared the big snowstorm two weeks ago.) I’m glad we’re not getting the extreme cold and heavy snow that other parts of the country are experiencing; I just don’t feel ready yet.

  3. We got slammed with heavy lake effect…we were supposed to get what you got but they did not forecast the storms off the lake very well… so temps in the 20s all day yesterday and at least 8 inches of snow…pretty but too soon.

  4. Pat

    Lisa – another veil of snow and frost this morning!
    Jean – I’m not ready either – but we don’t have much choice in these things.
    Donna – Yikes! a REAL snowfall.

  5. Kate

    That tree is gorgeous all year round!!

  6. Pat

    Kate – That yellow birch is a beauty in every season.

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