Self Seeded Salad

  • Post published:05/21/2010
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Self seeded lettuce

The harvest has begun, but with the help of Mother Nature. Last night we had our first garden fresh salad, mostly with these self-seeded lettuces in the vegetable garden.


The spinach in the Herb Bed needs thinning (and weeding) and I added the thinnings to the salad.

Red Sails lettuce

The Red Sails lettuce directly seeded in the new Front Garden is also ready to be thinned. All of a sudden it is really taking off. I love being able to pick my salad right before dinner!

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  1. Kate

    Oh, how wonderful.. Strolling out to the garden to see what’s for dinner! Your greens look scrumptious.

  2. Pat

    Kate – The menu stroll will only get better, but those first fresh salads are such a treat.

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