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Our Last Salad

We will have more salads during the winter, but this is the last of the lettuce from our own garden. The seeds were a sample  from Renee’s Garden, Ruby and Emerald Duet, a combination of a small ruby leaf lettuce, and baby butterhead. They were among the very first lettuces I planted in spring and then throughout the season, and obviously the very last to be harvested. This is a wonderful combo of hardy lettuces with such good flavor! One of my favorites!

BTW – I ended up being one of those real people who helped count the 321 ballots cast in the election yesterday. It is an honor to take a double part in this great privilege – as voter – and counter. We each had to sign our ballot count sheet and seal the original ballots in an envelope that is sealed with spit, and an official signed seal. I did feel the weight of history on me.

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