Voting Season

  • Post published:11/02/2010
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Today,  just for today, I have nothing on my mind but getting to the polls to vote. I hope that is on your mind, too.

Heath voting machine

In Heath we voted at the Community Hall, in the handicapped accessible downstairs which is also the Senior Center. A lot goes on at the Community Hall, Senior Lunches, Food Coop distribution, meetings, forums, parties – and voting. We use a low tech approach, using a ‘machine’ that counts the number of ballots, but real people have to count the votes at the end of the day.  We don’t have to worry about hanging chads, or power outages, just about keeping the voting crew well fed all day.

I was the 68th voter at about 9:30 this morning, but four others were right behind me.  Alli, who was checking voters as they came in, said she thought we might be setting some kind of record for early voting. I don’t think we have any more than 500 registered voters in our town of 800 residents.

Have you voted?

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  1. Carol

    Hi Pat, I have not voted yet. I am stuck at home icing my knee from a bad fall yesterday in Northampton. What a scary thing falling is . . . my first and hopefully last such fall. I do hope to get down to the polls before 7! What will the outcome be. . . well, we do not have to worry about any contesting the votes in our towns. Happy November! ;>)

  2. Pat

    Carol – What a terrible thing. I hope you will not be really laid up for long. I was amazed at how many offices are not contested – but so important to vote for those that are.

  3. Mary S.

    I love the old voting machines! I’m an election judge (half day — all day is too hard on the feet) and really enjoy seeing neighbors and helping people do their civic duty. We had huge turnout at our precinct — not sure what it means, but it’s all good.

  4. Pat

    Mary – We had a heavy turnout too, and it is good that so many people appreciate the value of their vote. I always feel you have no right to complain about the government if you don’t vote.

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