Record Breaking Heat Brings More Bloom

  • Post published:04/17/2012
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Forsythia - two days after Bloom Day

I hope you can see how yesterday’s heat – 88 degrees – is making the forsythia bloom as it never has before. We also have a lot of wind which is drying, but blossoms keep coming.

Wild cherry trees

All of a sudden the wild cherry trees in the chicken yard have burst into bloom.

Weeping cherry

Last year we gambled on this weeping cherry, bought at Home Depot where I do not buy many plants, and it came through the winter and just started to bloom.


More and more daffodils are coming into bloom. These are planted under the Miss Willmott white lilac. Her buds are amazingly big for this time of year.


While I was pruning deadwood out of the blueberries yesterday I saw that this primrose, bought years ago at the supermarket, is still thriving – and in bloom. The sunny shades of daffodils and primroses are so heartening in the spring.

Violets, blue and white, have joined the dandelions in my flowery mead – I mean the lawn – and there is more green on every tree and shrub. No more flannel sheets!

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    You are now having the weather we had earlier. It does make things bloom proficiently. I love primroses. They don’t do too good here.

    You mentioned your pagoda dogwood on my blog. I bet it comes out of it. They are hardy dogwoods. The one pictured on my blog is a sucker from the original tree that got some kind of ick and died. The stub keeps sending up suckers.

  2. Pat

    Lisa – Thanks for the encouragement regarding my pagoda dogwood. I do have Deer Off at the ready.

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