Native Plants for the Garden – Seeds and Young Plants

  • Post published:03/05/2021
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Native Plant – Mountain Mint and Monarch Butterfly

The Native Plant Trust, founded in 1900 as the Society for the Protection of Native Plants, and long known as the New England Wildflower Society, is the nation’s first plant conservation organization. The society is dedicated to the preservation of native plants and operates the Garden in  the Woods (a native plant botanical garden) at its headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts. It also offers courses on topics of conservation and horticulture of native plants. In addition it organizes  volunteers throughout New England. Happily it offers us nursery-propagated native plants for sale at its two nurseries.

Native Plants – Coneflowers with Bees

It is important to understand why native plants are important. Native plants evolved in and define particular locations, where they provide the habitats—food and shelter—that specific insects, birds, mammals, and other animals need. Together, native plants and animals form a web of mutually beneficial interactions that is greater than the sum of its parts – an ecosystem.

By conserving native plants in the wild and using them in designed spaces, we protect and enhance the integrity, resilience, diversity, and beauty of our planet.

Cardinal flowers

You will notice that the shape of plants I’ve  shown are relatively flat so that bees  and other creatures can land and reach the pollen and nectar. This is something to keep in mind.

There are several nurseries locally that offer native plants.  Nasami Farm in Whately, MA offers many native shrubs and plants. Other native plant nurseries include A Wing and a Prayer in Cummington, and Adam Kohl’s nursery in Wendell.


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