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  • Post published:05/13/2010
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Battery Park City

While it is true that I visited New York City to explore parks like the one above,  and the New York Botanic Garden, I saw things I hadn’t expected.

Battery Park City

I didn’t know that the park that runs along the Hudson River with all its plantings and seating included a temple. At least it might be a temple but there is something chess – like about this arrangement as well. Odd and mysterious, although the gentlemen there eating?  meeting?  seemed right at home.

Battery Park City

These workers looked at home, too.  But there is more to the city than parks.


There are pretty girls who will offer you a free two minute handwashing, or custom mix scent for you. At Soapology they have 40 floral fragrances and 20 other fragrances like caramel and tobacco to be combined as you wish for room spray, or hydrating lotion.

South West Restaurant restroom

I didn’t take the free fragrant handwashing at Soapology, but I did wash my hands after lunch. I’ve never seen such an amazing sink arrangement. I’m glad I don’t have to wash the stones.

Movie Making?

There are people making movies. Or something.  Oh, to be young  and cinematic in the city.

Jeff Koons Sculpture

Of course the city is full of public art works. I thought this was quite jolly.

William Cullen Bryant

This stature wasn’t quite so jolly, but Bryant Park behind the 42nd Street Library (where I was a patron at one time) is named for William Cullen Bryant who was born in Cummington, not very far from where I live now. Did you have to memorize his famous poem Thanatopsis when you were in high school? I’m afraid at that age I did not find preparing for death by the life I lived a compelling subject.

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  1. Janice Sorensen

    What a lovely post. I am always happy to be reminded too just how close we are to the bright and beautiful Big Apple!

  2. Pat

    Janice – One of the benefits of west county is how close we are to Boston and NYC. Especially when one has friends, or a child, who offers a bed for a couple of days.

  3. Tinky

    But it would still be even nicer to have a pied a terre there. Sigh……

  4. Carol

    That ‘temple’ does look a bit chess-like Pat. NY is a great city. I have never seen the Bryant statue though… he does look rather solemn. We are lucky to have his homestead so nearby. Those stones and the sink are stunning… but you are right about having to clean the stones! Soapology … that is a new word for me! The study of soap… why not! What a lovely time to visit NY! The Botanical Gardens must be beautiful… have not seen them in years!

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