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Tricia and Brian's wedding ceremony
Tricia and Brian’s wedding ceremony

Two parks played an important part in our life recently. Last week our granddaughter Tricia married her high school sweetheart, Brian. The ceremony was held in the beautiful and pastoral Look Park in Northampton at the Theater of Pines. It was a happy moment for all the extended family and there are lots of us on both sides.

9-12-14 Tricia, Brian and familyThe bride and groom posed with Granny and the Major,  and Aunts Kate and Betsy, her mother our daughter Diane, and Uncles Chris and Philip. Pride and joy all around.

Moon Jellyfish
Moon Jellyfish

After the wedding we were off to Norwalk to visit with friends who took us to the Maritime Aquarium where there was this eerie column of Moon jellyfish. Going through the aquarium was very like wandering through a mysterious garden  – there were all manner of silent creatures swimming through amazing landscapes. It was amazing to think that all the marine life in the aquarium was local; all the creatures were found in Long Island Sound.

Bryant Park, NYC
Bryant Park, NYC

We also made a trip to New York City and strolled through Bryant Park. This park, renovated in the 1980s has a very different vibe from the violent reputation it had in the 1970s when we lived in NY, and from the pastoral Look Park. The renovation of this urban park, and several other NY parks has changed the tone of their neighborhoods, and even the economics. Buildings that look down on this lovely park with its little eateries, a carousel AND a Reading Room (the park is built over the stacks of the main NY Library) now command higher rents.

Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station

But finally it was time to leave New York, and Norwalk and return home. I love Grand Central Station. Such a beautiful building, and so much energy. And as the old radio show used to say “Grand Central Station! Crossroads of a million lives.” Still true.

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  1. Rose

    Congratulations to your granddaughter! Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  2. Tinky

    How can you possibly have a granddaughter who is old enough to get married?!?

  3. Pat

    Lisa- It was a fabulous weekend – plus.
    Rose – She is a very proper age for marriage, – and I am a GREAT Grandmother after all, to another granddaughter’s daughters.

  4. Pat

    Tinky – Tricia is not only a proper age for marriage I am the proper age to be a Great grandmother to a differnt properly aged granddaughter who has two daughters.

  5. Congratulations to all! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time in several beautiful settings.

  6. Pat

    Beth – One wonderful day after another – and looking forward to more.

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