Golden Gingko – Fallen in Fall

  • Post published:10/30/2013
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Heavy frost on Monday. 21 degrees yesterday! The gingkos are unleafed all at once. As is their wont.

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  1. Pearl

    yep, ours did the same. under 3 hours for the whole tree to drop its green leaves.

  2. Cathy Thompson

    The transformation that has yet to arrive here! We expect a frost tomorrow, Halloween (spooky?). I’m keeping my eyes on my young trees, although I haven’t a gingko.

  3. Margaret Almon

    Ginkgo leaves are so gracefully shaped. I have Gigko leaf earrings which I love!

  4. PlantPostings

    Saw some lovely Gingkos at Kew in London! Our leaves here in Wisconsin are still beautiful, but falling fast, too.

  5. Pat

    Pearl – It is so odd the way they all fall off at once.
    Cathy – leafless trees of any variety are pretty spoooky on a cloudy night.
    Margaret – I have always lusted for a pair of those gold gingko leaf earrings.
    Colleen – And today practically a tropical monsoon taking the last leaves.
    Plantpostings – Gingkos are beautiful everywhere.

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