Dessert Night -Then Feast Day

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Betsy (near the refrigerator) and me prepping.

This Thanksgiving day was a wonderful event. Henry and I got all the children together! We see them all often – except for Kate down in Texas, but we see her via ZOOM often. And when we see our ‘children’ we often get to see their children, although we have to remember that their children are starting to have children. And beyond that Granddaughter Tracy has given us two Great-granddaughters! What a world!

On November 23 morning daughter Betsy, and her husband Mike, had set to work for Dessert Night and Thanksgiving. I joined them in the afternoon for The Night of Desserts.  There were many dishes to prepare so it was fortunate that other members of the family were bringing vegetables and sweets to each occasion.

Betsy making wrapped vegetables

I don’t remember the name of this and it is hard to remember all the vegetables that were wrapped in several  sheets of oiled phyllo (a very thin dough). I  do remember it was delicious.

Dessert Night Begins

This is not all the Desserts, but more will be coming tomorrow when more family members arrive.

Not everyone is at the table

This photo is not very good because you cannot see my (younger) brother who was visiting from New Jersey. Four of my own children, Chris, Diane, Betsy and Kate are here, but Philip, the oldest will arrive tomorrow. The youngest person on this photo is red-haired Penny, 2 years old, and her dad Brian. Penny’s mom (my granddaughter) had gone off to get more milk.  Penny is the youngest and one of our three great-granddaughters.  The other two great-grand-daughters, and their parents, were off on the Caribbean  sea.

Colleen and Penny

Granddaughter Colleen, finally arrived. It is not often that I have such a group.

The Thanksgiving Feast

Fifteen people were gathered around the table, and Betsy spoke about what a joy it was to all be together.

Game Night!

Right to left – Son Chris, daughter Diane, Michelle, daughter Kate, Son Philip, daughter Betsy, Greg.  Colleen  had gone to visit other friends.  Nothing like an interesting game to play.

This was a very special event for all of us. We do visit with each other  with some regularity. Kate lives in Texas, but four of the “children” live right here in Massachusetts. It is rare to get everyone together, and and the COVID years did not help. Of course, we did get to meet together in spite of COVID over the past 2-3 years using our ZOOM skills. Even so, we now do meet on special occasions, and sometimes just when we have time to travel. This year it was  a very special Thanksgiving.  A joyful celebration of being together.

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  1. Beth@PlantPostings

    Oh, how nice that you had such a happy family gathering. Happy holidays!

  2. Pat

    Betsyr19 and Beth – We had a wonderful time with all those loving people. So good to see so many all together.

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