Datura – all stages in September

  • Post published:09/26/2012
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Datura blossom and buds

Even after yesterday’s frost my potted datura is still blooming


You can see that this plant has buds, blossoms, green seed pod, and ripe seed pod bursting.

Datura seed pods

A better view of the seed pods, one still green, one already burst.

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  1. Flaneur

    Thank you, Pat. Here we are, for all intents and purposes, at the end of the annual gardening season, and you’ve shown us several flowering plants that seem to be at their peak in September. As someone who is looking forward to picking up the gardening trowel again, I had always regretted that nearly everything seemed to bloom in June and that by the end of July much of the dazzle was gone. You’ve shown just how much remains of the annual spectacular – and with plants that I honestly think I’ve never seen before.

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